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What set us part?
Client Oriented
Our prime objective is focused towards the welfare and safety of all our clients. We actively seeks information to understand customers's expectation and needs. We also shares information with customers to build their understanding of issues and capabilities. We also have implemented effective means to monitor and evaluate customer's concerns & issues to elevate the level of customer satisfaction.
Our personnel are well qualified and possess with them professional degrees honored by well known universities. They get themselves updated and undergo continuing education in the ‘OSHA’, ‘ANSI’, ‘ASME’, ‘BS’ and ‘LEEA’ regulations in order to undertake a more comprehensive inspection/examination of the equipment, to protect the welfare and safety of all of our customers.
Comprehensive inspection reports are only provided upon completion of the job thoroughly. Reports are also available on CDs or in e-mail format depending upon customer’s convenience as we are only customer oriented & socially responsible for their well being.
Unbiased     Insured  
To emphasize, we are not a repair company and, therefore, have no financial interest in finding deficiencies.
We carry general liability and workman's compensation insurance in order to protect our esteemed clients and our personnel.
The capabilities of the organization include conducting inspection, testing and certification of lifting equipments, construction equipments, machineries, lifting accessories, earth moving equipments and to train personnel in safety field related to lifting industry and safe operation of various equipments.
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